Thursday 17 October 2013

IT Factor

On Thursday our school held auditions for the talent quest IT factor to be held at Highbury soon.  We were very excited that two of our students Tuiva and Seila entered these auditions.  They sang
 "Titanium".  We were very proud of their courage to stand up and sing in front of the whole school.  We wish them luck!

Monday 9 September 2013

Diving Under the Sea.

We have been writing stories about diving under the sea.  Have a read.  We are very proud of the interesting words we are starting to put into our stories. 

I am a diver.  I leaned back and went under the water.  When I went under I was amazed!.  There were fish.  They were pink and black.  It was beautiful.  I am a diver.  My best thing was an octopus.  It was orangy/brown.  It was beautiful.  It was in the coral.  I was putting my clothes on to go in the ocean.  I was happy.  Paris.
I am a diver and I saw a school shark.  It was a big school shark and I was excited.  He did not bite me.  He is grey and he was enormous.  Desmond.
I am a diver.  I landed on my back then I swam under the water.  Pafelio
I am diving under the water on a boat and I jump down backwards into the water.  I saw a stingray doing a front flip in the ocean.  He was black and had a long tail and had white on his front.  It was scary under the water in case he will sting me.  I saw a big shark swimming fast.  Faatoealu
I am a diver.  I hop into the water.  I splash then I swam to look at the fish.  The fish look black and white.  That fish was cool.  I see a big shark.  The shark has big teeth and big eyes.  I was scared.  I saw a stingray.  I was happy.  Ala
The diver swims deep in the water and he looks at the fish.  The fish was colourful.  Troy
I am a diver.  I went under the water.  I saw under the water a zebrafish.  It is a zebra fish because it is balck and white.  Katrulena
I am a good diver.  I see lots of fish.  I see a colouful fish.  He is outside and black and white and I see a sea anemone and I see a stingray.  I saw heaps of fish and I saw a zebra fish.  They were in the ocean.  I saw all sorts of fish.  They were swimming together. I  saw heaps of sharks.  I saw a school shark.  I saw one shark on the ground.  I saw a big shark in the sea and I saw some orange corals when I was blowing bubbles.   Seila
I am a diver under the water.  I saw a fish.  It was a red and white fish.  It looked like Nemo and I saw a stingray.  It did a flip and I saw a red and blue fish and I saw a shark and I was scared because it was scary.  I saw its gills.    Pariz
The diver was on a boat and they fell off the boat and there was a stingray.  Then he saw a fish and the diver was swimming in the water and he found a stingray.  It was fun.  Tyreese
I am a diver and I went down in the sea.  I saw the fish, it was orange swimming in the green coral.  Margaret.
I am a diver.  I fall back into the water.  I see a sea anemone that  looks like flowers and I saw a zebra fish.  It had stripes and was black and white.  The zebra fish was looking at the grass and I saw the diver with the camera.  Dreshaun.
I am a diver on a boat.  I am doing a back flip.  I made a splash into the water.  I saw a clown fish like Nemo.  I saw a sea snake.  It had black and white stripes.  He was swishing through the rocks slowly and I was blowing bubbles.  Keanu.

Tuesday 27 August 2013

On Friday 23 August our school held the Language Festival where all children could recite a poem in their first language.  We were very proud that Ala in our class learnt a Tongan poem which she then recited in front of everyone.  She was very shy but she did well and won the Year 1 and 2 section.  Well done Ala!  This picture shows Ala all dressed up in her traditional Tongan clothes.  She is beautiful.

On Thursday 22 August the Kowhai team from our school got up early to catch the bus to take us to Napier.  We went to look at the rock pools on the shore at Ahuriri first.  Sadly it was raining and we had to put our jackets on.  The Aquarium staff met us there and helped us look at the pools on the rocks.  They were wet and slippery and so we had to be careful.  We found lots of little animals; crabs, starfish, cats-eyes, mussels, sea snails, little fish, limpits and chilton.  There were also some kina.
Katrulena with some cushion starfish and a spiny starfish.
Tuiva studying a shellfish.

Margaret with a sea egg.

Seila loved the cats eyes with their swirly patterns.

We are all very busy at the Rocky shore.

As we were getting a little wet we then got back on the bus to go to the Aquarium where we were luck enough to be able to eat our lunch and watch the big sharks and stingrays swim around with all of the other smaller fish.  This was a great way to start our tour.    We were then split into three groups, the sharks, the alligators and the stingrays.

One group went on a tour of the aquarium first starting with the tunnel through the big tank.  This was where all the sharks and stingrays were swimming with the other fish. 

We went to the classroom and Jake talked to us about the animals on the rocky shore and where we would find them.

We also watched the penguins being fed.  They were very shy and we had to be quiet - that was hard as they were so cute!!

We were all very tired at the end of the day as it was long and it was dark when we got home.  A fantastic trip, and a big thank you to our parents that came to help us.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

At the end of term 2 we celebrated our financial literacy unit by holding a Market Day.  We had been earning Kowhai Dollars at school by using our U ROCK behaviour, and then we saved these dollars to spend at our market day.  We had made lots of items to sell at our stall. 

We made little cards, pet rocks and beautiful big flowers that we decorated with buttons and baubles.  We also decorated ginger-bread men to sell.  It was very exciting and we were proud of our work.   Everyone enjoyed our market day.

Thursday 23 May 2013

Special Visitor

This week Room 2 had a special visit from a "SUPER HERO!!".   Captain Cash-Tastic came to our class and we learnt about our money.  We thought about the difference between our "needs" and our "wants".  We had lots of fun and even practised our super hero poses!    Captain Cash-Tastic came to us from the ASB bank.  Thanks very much for the visit Captain Cash-Tastic.


Thursday 16 May 2013


Over the past two weeks we have been measuring a variety of objects in our classroom.  Yesterday we used some balance scales to weigh different objects to see which was heavier.  We were pretty good at estimating what would be heavier before checking with the scales.  It was a lot of fun.